June 22 2022

EDJX To Discuss the Future of Edge Computing at IoT Evolution Expo 2022

Edge computing is predicted to have a breakthrough year on virtually every reputable 2020 technology prediction list that we could find. Here’s a summary.

April 12 2022

SXSW 2022: Digital Twins: Industry 4.0 and the Automated Future – Panel Highlights

EDJX and Autonomy Institute combined forces at this year’s SXSW to present a panel on the new Transportation track.

March 29 2022

Topio Networks Launches Intelligent Infrastructure 2022

At this first annual conference, Topio will be joined by EDJX, government, and municipal spokespeople, and key influencers and decision-makers, to discuss the future of this shared platform.

March 7 2022

MetroConnect 2022: How Far to the Edge Will We Go?

MetroConnect 2022, the annual conference focused on digital infrastructure held this year in Miami, featured a dynamic panel conversion on How Far to the Edge Will We Go?

January 12 2022

EDJX To Present on Key Panels, Discuss Smart Cities at Pacific Telecommunications Council Conference 2022

EDJX will be joined by industry leaders from Verizon Ventures, IDC, 3Red8, Shanghai University, Schneider Electric, and EdgePresence to discuss smart cities.

January 5 2022

On Demand: Critical Infrastructure at the Edge Roundtable

EDJX hosts Cubic Corporation, Blueforce Development, Autonomy Institute on a Critical Infrastructure at the Edge Roundtable moderated by Joe Weinman.

September 23 2021

EDJX and Cubic Corporation Partner to Launch the Internet of Military Things Edge Platform

Blueforce Development to become the first certified application provider for the Autonomy Institute Alpha Lab at Austin’s Camp Mabry Texas Military Department.

July 15 2021

War at the Edge: Data Exchange, 5G and Winning the Global Stealth War

EDJX CEO John Cowan, along with the Autonomy Institute Chairman Jeff DeCoux and Brigadier General (ret.) Robert Spalding, discuss China vs US: Edge Computing, Data Exchange, 5G and Digital Infrastructure

June 17 2021

EDJX To Present Breakthrough IoT and Edge Computing Partnership Use Cases at IoT Evolution Expo

EDJX and Autonomy Institute will be joined by Edgevana to discuss how edge computing is empowering IoT, Autonomous Solutions, the Future of Digital Infrastructure, Smart Cities and Connected Things

April 20 2021

State of Serverless Developer Survey 2021

EDJX State of Serverless Developer Survey 2021

April 14 2021

The New RoE: Return on Edge™

Request access to The New RoE: Return on Edge™ whitepaper

April 5 2021

EDJX Honored In the 2021 CRN Internet of Things (IoT) 50!

EDJX is honored to be recognized as an IoT innovator in the 10 Coolest IoT Software category as part of CRN 2021 Internet of Things (IoT) 50!

March 10 2021

EDJX and Atrius Industries Partner with Autonomy Institute to Deliver Autonomous Solutions at the Edge

Autonomy Institute Launches Intelligent Infrastructure Pilot with Texas Military Department to Enable Autonomous Vehicles, Smart Cities, and Connected Things

March 8 2021

EDJX Celebrates #IWD21!

Listen to Our EDJX #IWD21 Spotify Playlist

January 29 2021



January 29 2021

What Is Edge Computing?

Edge computing is meshing with serverless, IoT, CDN, and expected to outpace the cloud market by double or triple digit multiples.

December 23 2020

On Joining the EDJX Advisory Board

John Cowan, Joe Weinman, and Dean Nelson reflect on EDJX’s journey through 2020.

October 26 2020

EDJX and Edgevana Partner to Enable Rapid Deployment and Monetization at the Edge

Partnership brings the industry closer to a more scalable path of monetizing CDN and Cloud Services at the Edge.

October 15 2020

Rishidot Research’s Krishnan Subramanian Interviews EDJX CEO John Cowan

Kirshnan and John discuss distributed infrastructure, serverless, and the future of edge and cloud.

October 15 2020

EDJX Launches the World’s First Distributed CDN and Serverless Platform at the Edge

EDJX Partnering with Global Colocation Leader Cyxtera to bring content and apps closer to the end-user.

October 14 2020

EDJX Announces Edge Delivery Platform and $3M in New Funding at Edge Computing World

EDJX accelerates progress with new product release, fundraising, and EDJX Advisory Board expansion with Joe Weinman, digital strategist and author of Cloudonomics

October 14 2020

Alliance Between EDJX, ITRenew and VPS Brings Industry-Leading TCO and Sustainability to the Edge

Launch of New Integrated Edge Computing Solution Will Deliver Unmatched Value and Efficiency to Drive Industry Growth.

September 17 2020

EDJX Makes Top 10 in Edge Computing World’s

EDJX recognized as an innovation leader for edge and IoT developers

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