Topio Networks Launches Intelligent Infrastructure 2022

At this first annual conference, Topio will be joined by EDJX, government, and municipal spokespeople, and key influencers and decision-makers, to discuss the future of this shared platform.

Austin, TX- March 29, 2022 – Topio Networks, the leading industry accelerator focused on Hyper-Convergence and organizers of premier industry events in emerging technologies, today announced that it will host the first Intelligent Infrastructure 2022 conference, to be held April 28-29 at the Fairmont Hotel in Austin, Texas. This annual conference is in its first year. It will address one of the key opportunities of our time: how to digitize national infrastructure to prepare for the next generation of growth.

“Intelligent Infrastructure is about moving one piece of information from one place to another. As the digital world grows, moving information will become as important as moving a load of goods. A sound and fair Intelligent Infrastructure is now as critical as rail and road infrastructures,” said Philippe Cases, CEO of Topio Networks. “Furthermore, Integrated Intelligent Infrastructure combining rail, road, and digitalization provides a new fundamental shared platform, which enables existing and new public services, effectively manages risks, creates a more resilient infrastructure, and does so in a way as carbon-free as possible. In addition, infrastructures working with each other will create significant business growth opportunities. We look forward to launching and hosting this annual conference where industry leaders will come together to discuss this new and massive disruptive opportunity.

This year’s conference program addresses the critical challenges in making Intelligent Infrastructure a reality, including finding new models for collaboration on shared infrastructure, new models for sharing data, new approaches to standards, regulation, and compliance, and implementations of the latest technologies. The critical technology for Intelligent Infrastructure is edge computing, allowing data analysis close to its origin in an efficient and privacy-friendly manner.  


The conference will open with comments from Jeffrey DeCoux, Chairman of Austin-based Autonomy Institute, a cooperative research consortium focused on advancing and accelerating Autonomy and AI at the edge. “Intelligent Infrastructure will enable mobility 4.0 and reach Vision Zero, eliminate the digital divide, accelerate economic growth, create millions of jobs, and build stronger, more resilient communities,” said DeCoux. “This build-out will be the most significant transformation of our infrastructure since Eisenhower’s Interstate Highway program in the 1950’s.”

EDJX, the pioneer in distributed cloud services at the Edge, will be among the industry leaders participating in the conference, with CTO and Co-founder James Thomason scheduled to present a keynote on Friday, April 29. Thomason will also lead a panel on the business imperatives of multi-tenancy later the same day.


“We are at the very beginning of a significant trend. Intelligent Infrastructure is the foundation of a smart city and the building block of Industry 4.0,” said James Thomason, CTO, EDJX. “We are looking forward to the Intelligent Infrastructure conference to provide leadership and start educating the industry about why and how to create an infrastructure that will enable the future of the internet economy in a hyperconnected world.”


The conference agenda also covers topics such as Intelligent Infrastructure for energy resilience, the use of data in smart cities, and digital twin cities. Other participants include retired US Air Force Brigadier General Dr. Robert Spalding, a national security strategist and globally recognized expert on Chinese economic competition and influence. General Spalding will be leading a panel on the military base of the future, joined by panel participant Lieutenant Colonel Alex Goldberg, Joint Innovation Officer, Defense Innovation Unit, and DARPA Fellow. General Spalding, the author of Stealth War, articulates strongly that America must address the success that China has had infiltrating American institutions and compromising national security.


Full details of the Intelligent Infrastructure conference can be found here


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