Fast, secure, and reliable global DNS service with nearly instant updates.

Global DNS

Make sure your website and apps are always online.

Ensure your content and apps are up and running with EDJX’s globally distributed DNS service that’s faster, safer, and more flexible than running your own servers.

Global DNS
Geo Routing
Geo Routing

Create a better user experience with faster responses.

Direct your traffic based on the geolocation of users and connected things. EDJX’s intelligent network routing updates continuously to optimize your performance for edge users and devices.

Fast Updates

Sync DNS updates worldwide within a few seconds.

No more waiting hours for DNS to propagate. EDJX DNS service synchronizes near-instantly around the world to minimize your downtime.

Fully Managed
Fully Managed

Monitored and supported 24/7 by our operations team.

Rest assured knowing that EDJX is keeping your critical services running days, nights, weekends, and holidays.


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