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Create smarter, faster apps, websites, and data pipelines on EDJX's secure, global edge platform.
The Edge
What if you could deliver content, process data, and run code at ultra-low latency, closer to users and connected things than ever before?

EDJX is deploying thousands of locations to create an edge cloud platform that's faster, more reliable, and more secure.

What will you build on the edge?
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Unlock Edge Innovation
EDJX customers are creating the state of the art.
Simplify IoT development, collect and process data at the edge and reduce cloud computing costs.
Process information in near-real time and improve user interaction and response.
Geo Fencing
Maintain compliance with data sovereignty and process sensitive data on location.
Attack Mitigation
Detect and mitigate bot attacks, improving app response and stopping attacks nearer the source.
Dynamic Sites
Dynamically change user experiences, interactions, and updates on the fly.
Edge Infrastructure
Rapid deployment of edge computing using EDJX pre-integrated hardware solutions.
Accelerate apps and IoT.
Brings your content, code, and data closer to end users and devices than ever before to accelerate and improve experiences.
Ditch complex tools.
With EDJX serverless edge, you don't need to manage Kubernetes, containers, or VMs to build and scale edge apps.
Reduce cloud costs.
Process data at the edge right next to users and devices to reduce cloud bandwidth and storage costs.

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