On Demand: Critical Infrastructure at the Edge Roundtable

EDJX hosts Cubic Corporation, Blueforce Development, Autonomy Institute on a Critical Infrastructure at the Edge Roundtable moderated by Joe Weinman.
The facets of National Security – Person, Physical Space, and Sensor Fusion – are hinged around the need for critical infrastructure at the edge that enables immediately actionable data where a millisecond delay can mean life or death. The IOMT Edge Platform on the Autonomy Institute Alpha Lab at Texas Military Department (TMD) Camp Mabry in Austin, TX, coincides with the deployment of PINN infrastructure. The PINN is the first unified open standard to support 5G wireless, Edge Computing, Radar, Lidar, enhanced GPS, and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and solves current infrastructure challenges. The Alpha Lab is part of operationalizing the PINN, which will have significant implications for disaster response. PINNs will enable TMD to accelerate emergency and disaster response and facilitate humanitarian assistance with disaster relief and domestic operations. What this means in the context of our nation’s security and helping the nation move faster is tied to the innovation that comes from public-private partnerships – and why leveraging commercial technology is essential to field within the DoD rapidly.
  • John Cowan, CEO and Co-founder, EDJX
  • Jeff DeCoux, Chairman, Autonomy Institute
  • Michael Helfrich, CEO and Founder, Blueforce Development
  • Matthew Ratnesar, Vice President, Product Management and Solutions, Cubic Corporation
  • “Red” Brown, Major General (ret.) James K. “Red” Brown, Deputy Commanding General, Army National Guard for United States Army Forces Command
  • Moderator: Joe Weinman, global keynote speaker and noted authority on cloud computing economics and the business value of IT
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