EDJX Makes Top 10 in Edge Computing World’s

EDJX recognized as an innovation leader for edge and IoT developers
SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — EDJX, a pioneer in decentralized planet-scale edge computing technology, today announced that it is a top 10 finalist for Edge Computing World’s Edge Startup of the YearEdge Computing World, taking place virtually this year, October 12-14 2020, will showcase the best startups in edge computing selected from a highly competitive pool. This new competition highlights the quality and breadth of emerging companies in the exploding edge computing space. The new edge computing market marks the next evolution of the internet and is set to scale both capability and market size 10x.
“We are pleased to be in the top 10 Edge Startup of the Year. James Thomason and I saw the opportunity to realize a vision we both shared about the future of IT delivery as a homogeneous utility at planet-scale,” said John Cowan, EDJX CEO. “The EDJX platform enables developers to build intelligent, low-latency apps, websites, and data pipelines closer to users and devices than ever before. EDJX enables readiness for the fourth internet, where 1 trillion connected things will need to be managed.”

“EDJX brings to the market a unique combination of vision, experience, and technical capability. The result is a truly unique technology and business model that harnesses the concept of ‘decentralization’ in ways never seen before,” said James Thomason, EDJX CTO. “At EDJX, ‘the Community is the Cloud’ is the mantra, and the output will be the largest edge computing network ever conceived.”

EDJX launched the public beta of its EDJX Serverless Edge, allowing industry-first access to a secure platform for writing, testing, and deploying IoT, M2M, and Mobile edge apps. Developers can sign up for immediate access and try EDJX Serverless Edge for free by visiting the EDJX website.

The winner of Edge Computing World’s 2020 Edge Startup of the Year will be announced at Edge Computing World during the keynote sessions on Tuesday, October 13. The announcement will come at the end of a special feature keynote, including the final pitch-off of all 10 Edge Startup of the Year finalists. There will be a live interview with leading Edge Investor Lip-Bu Tan, CEO, Cadence Design Systems, & Chairman, Walden International, discussing the edge investment space. Sign up to see the final pitch-off and award presentation at Edge Computing World.

EDJX is exhibiting at Edge Computing World – be sure to visit the EDJX virtual booth to meet the team. EDJX is also presenting a keynote with major announcements; please send press inquiries to pr@edjx.io.
About EDJX
EDJX is an edge computing platform that makes it easy to write IoT applications using serverless computing, increase the responsiveness of edge applications, and secure edge data at the source. We help businesses handle the explosive demand for data processing to serve real-world edge computing applications, including industrial IoT, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and robotics. Led by cloud industry veterans John Cowan and James Thomason, EDJX is a privately held company based in Raleigh, NC. To learn more about EDJX, visit the EDJX website.

CONTACT: Laura Roman, pr@edjx.io
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