EDJX To Present Breakthrough IoT and Edge Computing Partnership Use Cases at IoT Evolution Expo

EDJX and Autonomy Institute will be joined by Edgevana to discuss how edge computing is empowering IoT, Autonomous Solutions, the Future of Digital Infrastructure, Smart Cities and Connected Things
Raleigh, NC – June 17, 2021EDJX, the pioneer in distributed cloud services at the edge, today announced it will join Autonomy Institute and Edgevana to present critical IoT and edge computing partnership use cases at the IoT Evolution Expo conference in Miami Florida, to be held June 22-25, 2021. The EDJX-Autonomy Institute Partnership Use Case panel is scheduled for Thursday, June 24, 3:00pm – 3:45pm EDT.
Autonomy Institute, a cooperative research consortium focused on advancing and accelerating Autonomy and AI at the edge, recently announced, in partnership with EDJX, plans to launch the Public Infrastructure Network Node (PINN) Pilot in Austin, Texas. Autonomy Institute Launches Intelligent Infrastructure Pilot with Texas Military Department to Enable Autonomous Vehicles, Smart Cities, and Connected Things. Edgevana, an intuitive online B2B marketplace platform that facilitates optimized transactions between data center operators, co-location providers, network providers, and end-user customers, will discuss partnership and customer engagement in the context of an infrastructure rethink and the vast returns on edge computing.

The PINN is the first unified open standard to incorporate 5G wireless, Edge Computing, Radar, Lidar, Enhanced GPS, and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) as a single unified system. Combining edge computing and IoT to unlock autonomous and intelligent applications. EDJX is aligned with Autonomy Institute as a key technology partner to deliver solutions at the edge for PINN pilot users, including Transportation and Defense customers. PINNs are designed to rapidly deliver a multitude of advanced edge sensors, communication protocols and computing capabilities urgently needed to support autonomy and IoT to empower cities into the future. The first PINNs are set to go live in summer 2021.

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US city planning officials and IoT developers, with an application or solution that should leverage the PINN, can apply to take part in the limited PINN Beta program here.

Register here to attend this year’s IoT Evolution Expo in person, with the EDJX-Autonomy Institute Partnership Use Case panel Thursday, June 24. Also visit EDJX at Miami Convention Center Expo Hall D Booth #439 in the conference exhibition hall.
About EDJX

EDJX is an edge computing platform that makes it easy to write edge and IoT applications using serverless computing, accelerate content delivery, increase the responsiveness of edge applications, and secure edge data at the source. EDJX helps businesses handle the explosive demand for data processing to serve real-world edge computing applications, including industrial IoT, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and robotics. Led by cloud industry veterans John Cowan and James Thomason, EDJX is a privately held company based in Raleigh, NC. Visit EDJX and follow EDJX on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Autonomy Institute

Autonomy Institute is a cooperative research consortium focused on advancing and accelerating Autonomy and AI at the edge. Autonomy Institute aligns government, industry, academia, and the public to create the policies, industry, jobs, and community benefits of autonomy, starting with Intelligent and Autonomous Infrastructure. Investment in a twenty-first century Intelligent and Autonomous infrastructure is among the highest priorities for stimulating economic and job growth. Autonomy Institute’s deployment of the Public Infrastructure Network Node (PINN) will be as critical to a city as roads, power, telecommunications, and water infrastructure. Learn more about PINN at Autonomy.institute and follow Autonomy Institute on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Edgevana

Edgevana is an intuitive online B2B marketplace platform that facilitates optimized transactions between data center operators, colocation providers, network providers, and end-user customers. Founders Mark Thiele and Subhan Jahromi launched Edgevana in 2019 with the express intent of disrupting the existing processes for selling and buying colocation and data center services. Edgevana’s member data centers are the backbone of IT delivery globally. Individually they represent a city, region, or country, but as a global resource, they are often invisible to the modern buyer. Federating the access to these facilities and delivering competitive differentiation in new, more cost-effective services enables Edgevana to make each location part of a greater whole, delivering value to the owner and global buyers. For our customers who might need a global partner in the data center space, whether for transformation, market-entry, or edge computing, Edgevana is making adaptations daily to improve the identification, contracting, procurement, and deployment easier. To learn more about Edgevana, please visit and follow Edgevana on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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