The New RoE: Return on Edge™

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Did you know that there are at least 17 trends and requirements driving new edge-based architectures? And, although everyone talks about latency, there are at least 10 other benefits that contribute to the total Return on Edge (RoE)?
EDJX Advisory Board member Joe Weinman has authored his latest publication, The New RoE: Return on Edge™. Find out these answers by filling out the form and downloading the whitepaper now!
The New RoE: Return on Edge™

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About the Author

Joe Weinman is a global keynote speaker and author or editor of books on cloud economics, mobile communications, and digital strategy, including Cloudonomics: The Business Value of Cloud Computing (Wiley, 2012); Digital Disciplines: Attaining Market Leadership via the Cloud, Big Data, Social, Mobile and the Internet of Things (Wiley CIO, 2015); Fog and Fogonomics: Challenges and Practices of Fog Computing, Communication, Networking, Strategy, and Economics (Wiley Information and Communication Technology Series, 2020); and has contributed chapters to other books published by Springer and MIT Press. He was the contributing editor of the Cloud Economics column of IEEE Cloud Computing magazine for its entire publication life of 2014-2108, and has been published in the print and/or online editions of publications such as Harvard Business Review, CIO, Forbes, InformationWeek, The New York Times, and various academic journals and conference proceedings.

He has held a variety of executive positions at AT&T Bell Labs, AT&T Business, HP, and was most recently SVP, Cloud Services and Strategy at Telx. He has a BS in Computer Science from Cornell University; an MS in Computer Science from UW-Madison; and has completed in-person and online executive education at the International Institute for Management Development (Lausanne), MIT Sloan School of Management, and Harvard Business School. He has been awarded 26 U.S. and international patents in a variety of fields, including voice and data communications and cloud computing. He sits on the advisory boards of multiple companies, including EDJX.

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