Alliance Between EDJX, ITRenew and VPS Brings Industry-Leading TCO and Sustainability to the Edge

Launch of New Integrated Edge Computing Solution Will Deliver Unmatched Value and Efficiency to Drive Industry Growth.
SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — EDJX, a pioneer in decentralized planet-scale edge computing technology, today announced that it is a top 10 finalist for Edge Computing World’s Edge Startup of the YearEdge Computing World, taking place virtually this year, October 12-14 2020, will showcase the best startups in edge computing selected from a highly competitive pool. This new competition highlights the quality and breadth of emerging companies in the exploding edge computing space. The new edge computing market marks the next evolution of the internet and is set to scale both capability and market size 10x.
EdjBlock comes to market through the partnerships EDJX has established with two innovative leaders in their respective markets: ITRenew and Virtual Power Systems. ITRenew, the global leader in Circular Cloud and sustainable data center infrastructure, is equipping the platform with Sesame by ITRenew rack-scale compute and storage solutions, optimized for edge computing and ready to plug-and-play. Sesame solutions utilize technology from the world’s leading hyperscalers to ensure maximum efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability. EdjBlock systems also include Software Defined Power control from industry pioneer Virtual Power Systems (VPS) to optimize uptime and efficiency.

“To process data at the edge, the future of IoT is going to require more compute infrastructure than the industry has ever conceived, which will have a profound impact on the planet in the form of industrial manufacturing and e-waste,” said John Cowan, EDJX founder and CEO. “EDJX is building a sustainable edge; a software-enabled planet-scale platform that combines the EDJX serverless platform with integrated rack-scale server solutions by ITRenew, equipped with VPS Ice Switches, enabling software defined power that will run in any data center.”

“The real value of a server does not evaporate with accounting depreciation. We have packed industry leading technology and capabilities into EdjBlock to deliver maximum performance at a price point that is unmatched,” said James Thomason, EDJX co-founder and CTO.

With EdjBlock, EDJX customers and partners can quickly deploy and instantly provision edge points-of-presence and immediately begin monetizing CDN and edge computing services. The EdjBlock offering comes at a moment when the growth of data and the need to build real-time capabilities is driving unprecedented demand for computing capacity at the edge. Scaling efficiently is more important than ever, as is a sustainable approach. ITRenew’s circular economic model brings compute & storage solutions to the platform that reduce TCO, e-waste and CO2 impact, and require no assembly, guesswork, or engineering to deploy.

“Sustainable data center models, implemented in the right way, can reduce complexity, accelerate growth and deliver significantly better edge computing economics,” said Ali Fenn, President, ITRenew. “Cost-efficient and flexible solutions, purpose-built to maximize performance, compute density, and energy efficiency are exactly what customers need to accelerate and scale their new applications. Together with EDJX, we have the opportunity and the imperative to make turn-key edge infrastructure solutions broadly available.”

“The most sustainable data center is one that is never built,” said Dean Nelson, CEO, VPS. “We all want every click to improve the future. The Intelligent Control of Energy® (ICE), enabled through the VPS ICE Switch in the EdjBlock, unlocks stranded power capacity in data centers. By partnering with EDJX and ITRenew we are not only realigning the IT supply chain toward inherent environmental sustainability, we are enabling existing data centers to increase the utilization of the power they have already built.”

EdjBlock customers will realize significant hardware TCO advantages averaging 50% or more over conventional infrastructure and improve time-to-production for IoT applications. The EDJX software platform federates each EdjBlock in to private or public edge computing on P2P basis, featuring Serverless, CDN, DNS, and Object Storage capabilities. Each EdjBlock ships with a pre-integrated rack of servers and VPS Ice switches (rack model only). Customers plug them in and, when connected to a network, form a peer-to-peer mesh to deliver cloud-like services to developers and users.
EdjBlock Availability
Cyxtera, a global leader in data center colocation and interconnection services, is the first to make the EDJX platform available to customers, deploying the platform via three of its world-class, highly connected data centers in North America. EdjBlock is available immediately, contact EDJX sales on at
About EDJX
EDJX is an edge computing platform that makes it easy to write edge and IoT applications using serverless computing, accelerate content delivery, increase the responsiveness of edge applications, and secure edge data at the source. EDJX helps businesses handle the explosive demand for data processing to serve real-world edge computing applications, including industrial IoT, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and robotics. Led by cloud industry veterans John Cowan and James Thomason, EDJX is a privately held company based in Raleigh, NC. To learn more about EDJX, visit and follow EDJX on LinkedIn and Twitter.
About Cyxtera
Cyxtera is a global leader in data center colocation and interconnection services. The company operates a footprint of 62 data centers in 29 markets around the world, providing services to more than 2,000 leading enterprises and U.S. federal government agencies. Cyxtera brings proven operational excellence, global scale, flexibility and customer-focused innovation together to provide a comprehensive portfolio of data center and interconnection services. For more information please visit
About ITRenew
ITRenew, the Circular Cloud leader, refuses to settle for a world that pits economic success against social good. ITRenew creates second lives and reuse pathways for the most advanced technology on the planet capable of unprecedented data growth. This approach to unprecedented data, application workload and infrastructure demands opens up billions in new financial opportunity, slashes e-waste and CO2 impact, and makes hyperscale hardware accessible to and affordable for all. Our products and services power cloud and enterprise data centers, edge infrastructure, AI/ML, embedded and industrial systems, which is why the world’s leading data center owners, service providers and enterprises choose ITRenew to revolutionize how their infrastructure is managed and deployed. To learn more, visit and follow ITRenew on LinkedIn and Twitter @ITRenewinc.
About Virtual Power Systems
Virtual Power Systems (VPS) is transforming how next-generation data center and cloud providers provision, manage and utilize power capacity with its ground-breaking Software-Defined Power® and Intelligent Control of Energy® (ICE) technology platform. VPS eliminates the need to over-provision power capacity to protect workloads from potential spikes and failovers. ICE dynamically adjusts power delivery as demand fluctuates across data center workloads, racks and servers. ICE enables data center and cloud providers to generate additional revenue within existing power and IT footprints while avoiding millions of dollars in capital investments and operating expenses.
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