About Us
We're empowering developers to create planet-scale apps for billions of connected people, sensors, and machines in the near-edge.
Our Story
Where is the edge, anyway?
If you ask a cloud company, they tell you the edge is their billions of dollars of datacenter investments. A CDN says it's their hundreds of points of presence. Wireless companies will try to convince you it's their tens of thousands of macrocells and picocell sites.

At EDJX, we say the edge is anywhere and everywhere, a thousand feet away from you at all times. We believe computing needs to become ubiquitous, like electricity, to power billions of connected devices.

The edge will go so far out into the woods, you can hear the Sasquatch scream.

Cloud won't keep up.
Today's hyperscale cloud data centers are modern marvels, but they're a bad fit for the era of connected things. The scale of connected devices, and the growth of their data, in this next phase of technological growth is almost unimaginable. There isn't enough bandwidth on the planet to haul the volume of usable edge data back to the cloud, and there never will be.

A new beginning.
Meeting the scale challenge of the edge requires reimagining the architecture of the Internet, and creating new tools and systems to enable developers to create and manage apps that are truly planet-scale.

That's why were building a new kind of cloud at the near-edge, in the last thousand feet to billions of connected people, devices, and things.

Our vision is the largest edge computing network ever conceived, made of millions of edge nodes, to offload data processing in close proximity to all the things.

Who is Behind This?
We're a diverse team of technology experts and entrepreneurs.
John Cowan
Delano Seymour
Chief Architect
James Thomason
Mike Preston
Denis Sabourin
Brad Kirby
VP, Business Development
Vipin Sharma
VP - Engineering, GM - India
Adam Heller
Lead UX Architect