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Developer Evangelist Specialist

Raleigh, NC or Virtual

It is an exciting time to be joining EDJX! We have just announced that we’re onboarding developers to write, deploy and execute their IoT and other applications on the EDJX platform. The EDJX platform is an easy, intuitive serverless computing environment allowing developers to build powerful applications that become instantly global. 

Hello World! Check out the EDJX platform in action. Sign up for the console here

The Developer Evangelist is an interdisciplinary role that will be vocal, and outbound focused, “getting the word out,” collecting feedback, creating demos and code examples, or finding solutions to product issues and bugs. The role combines aspects of marketing and technical knowledge to convey the message and benefits of the product to developers. The EDJX Developer Evangelist liaises between the greater developer community and the internal corporate team across product, engineering, sales, and marketing.

The focus of this role is to help developers adopt the EDJX serverless computing platform and be successful with their initiatives. The Developer Evangelist will devise a plan based on strategies and tactics for building and nurturing a community of mutually beneficial relationships between organizations, developers as the primary users, and EDJX. The Developer Evangelist will build authentic relationships within the developer community without selling or marketing to them. This will be achieved through in-person, online content creation and positioning on developer channels such as Reddit, Medium, Github, developer chat rooms on Discord, Clubhouse, conferences, meetups, other channels, and events. Some light travel will be involved to out-of-state events and meetups.

Roles and Responsibilities 

  • Evangelizing and scaling onboarding developers to the EDJX serverless platform within the developer community. 
  • Representing EDJX within the developer community, including evangelizing EDJX on Reddit, Medium, Discord, Clubhouse chat rooms, at RIoT events and forums, and other channels.
  • Curating and posting content on developer and social media platforms.
  • Being a public spokesperson for the company, providing voiceovers on product demos, app demos, content on how-to, speaking at conferences, events, staffing the EDJX booth.
  • Liaising with developer meetups, organizing presentations, webinars, events.
  • Keeping an events calendar of global hackathons for sponsorship opportunities
  • Helping with targeting leads for automated email blasts. 
  • Spearheading serverless ISV partner relationships – help evangelize EDJX and scale developer adoption within the severless community.
  • Building relationships with partners, developers; accelerating product adoption by partners and customers. 
  • KPIs of onboarding developers with steady increase per month toward overall annual target
  • Leading a regular cadence meeting with management to present “State of the Developer Ecosystem”, complete with tactical recommendations, as appropriate.
  • Experience in C++ and Rust, WebAssembly, serverless technologies, edge computing is a plus but not required.


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