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Architecturefor the Edge

Launch smarter, faster apps, websites, sensors and data pipelines on EDJX’s secure, serverless edge platform.

The Edge

We  run code at ultra-low latency, closer to users and connected things than ever before.


EDJX’s vision is to deploy thousands of locations to create a serverless edge platform that’s faster, more reliable, and more secure.

Simple is Powerful

Smash Your Servers! 

EDJX Edge Serverless Solutions





EDJX's Operating System EdjOS, is an edge computing platform that simplifies writing, deploying and executing applications using serverless edge computing.



Fully managed authoritative edge DNS (domain name service) with lightning-quick response times and global redundancy.


Quickly and easily build serverless edge apps, customize user experience, and offload data processing with serverless that runs nearer to users.


Increase responsiveness and throughput with low latency serverless key-value storage, logs, and feeds.

Innovate on the Edge

EDJX customers find everything in one place.


Application Developers


SMB \ Enterprise


Smart Cities & Government

Offload Processing

System Integrators

IoT Sensor Vendors & Integrators

Edge Infrastructure

Rapid deployment of serverless edge computing using EDJX pre-integrated hardware solutions.

Accelerate your apps.

Brings your content, code, and data closer to end users and devices than ever before to accelerate and improve experiences.

Ditch complex tools.

With EDJX serverless edge, you don't need to manage Kubernetes, containers, or VMs to build and scale edge apps.

Reduce costs.

Decentralized architecture that allows enterprise to quickly and efficiently deploy to the edge at a lower cost and complexity.


June 22 2022

EDJX To Discuss the Future of Edge Computing at IoT Evolution Expo 2022

Edge computing is predicted to have a breakthrough year on virtually every reputable 2020 technology prediction list that we could find. Here’s a summary.

April 12 2022

SXSW 2022: Digital Twins: Industry 4.0 and the Automated Future – Panel Highlights

EDJX and Autonomy Institute combined forces at this year’s SXSW to present a panel on the new Transportation track.

March 29 2022

Topio Networks Launches Intelligent Infrastructure 2022

At this first annual conference, Topio will be joined by EDJX, government, and municipal spokespeople, and key influencers and decision-makers, to discuss the future of this shared platform.

EDJX In the Press

The Edge is Now

Edge computing delivers information at the moment it is needed. Edge computing, simply said, is about reducing the information located in a centralized server, so it is freed up from the issues surrounding latency, bandwidth and geographic distance, making applications such as AI, IoT and 5G much easier to successfully accomplish.

What does “Serverless Computing” Mean?

In IoT conversations, we often hear about serverless/cloud computing and edge computing, even fog or mesh computing come up occasionally.

What does 5G mean for enterprise business?

A mobile 5G network promises to be the bridge towards Industry 2.0. But the reality is patchy coverage and a high cost of entry. What should an enterprise business CTO consider when throwing the switch on 5G?

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