Become an EDJX Partner

At EDJX we’re building the world’s largest edge computing network ever conceived to reduce cost, complexity, and latency for apps deployed at planet scale. Whether it’s connecting your private industrial IoT or Urban IoT or using EdjBlock infrastructure, EDJX’s products are built to fit what you need. Become an EDJX Partner to unlock your datacenter capacity and join the edge economy.

You Host Our EdjBlocks
We Do the Rest

EdjBlock is a pre-integrated, fully managed infrastructure in partnership with ITRenew and Virtual Power Systems that lets you passively earn income from EDJX CDN and edge cloud services.

  • Host EdjBlocks in your data center and get paid as EDJX users consume resources.
  • Our global NOC manages the system and is responsible for uptime.
  • Software-defined power enables monetization of redundant capacity.

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