EDJX Emerges From Stealth

EDJX Emerges From Stealth and Announces $2M Funding to Power Real-Time Apps at the Edge Using Serverless and Blockchain

Company Announces Collaboration With ITRenew, Advisian Digital, and Chainyard

EDJX launched out of stealth today at OCP Global Summit, announcing $2M in funding from strategic investors, along with key partnerships with ITRenew, Advisian, and Chainyard. The company aims to power real-time applications at the edge by building the world’s largest edge computing platform using its revolutionary blockchain-based management of serverless and container-based applications. The funding round included 6Fusion USA, Inc., and 4 unnamed private investors.

“The rush to build capacity at the near-edge – in the last 1000 feet to connected things – will completely dominate the next decade of IT,” said John Cowan, founder and CEO. “The near-edge is going to be orders of magnitude larger than what we think of as the edge today.”

The company intends to deploy tens of thousands of micro data centers called EdjPods to major metropolitan and industrial locations worldwide. The goal is to bring cloud computing closer to mobile and IoT devices to accelerate and secure edge applications.

“Our platform ushers in an new era of applications that will rely on a myriad of sensors and other connected devices to carry out their tasks,” said James Thomason, EDJX’s founder and CTO. “These applications will need to process zettabytes of data with low latency to work effectively in real-world environments.”

EDJX’s platform directs the execution of serverless requests to EdjPods in close physical proximity to mobile and edge devices. Serverless requests are transparently routed to the nearest EdjPod where they are executed inside of an isolated environment. As security is a big concern for edge use cases, each serverless request is validated by and recorded to a blockchain to create an immutable record of execution.

With EDJX developers can:

  • Overcome latency and bandwidth limitations at the edge by deploying serverless functions in close proximity to IoT and mobile devices
  • Enable IoT and mobile devices to securely access and record data at the edge using blockchain
  • Pay as you go for edge computing and blockchain usage

Developed over the past 18 months, EDJX’s serverless edge application platform is now available in early-access. Developers and prospective customers can register for early-access at the EDJX website at https://edjx.io.

For IT operators and facility owners, EDJX also creates new opportunities to earn passive revenue while increase the desirability of their properties. EdjPods are available at no cost to qualified commercial, industrial, and municipal organizations.

By hosting EdjPods operators and owners can:

  • Increase the appeal of properties to prospective tenants who are using edge computing to create smart buildings, cities, refineries, and factories.
  • Create new passive revenue streams connected to the utilization of the EDJX network and EdjPods hosted on premises.

Interested operators and owners can register their interest at the EDJX website at https://edjx.io.

At the OCP Global Summit today, ITRenew announced its partnership with EDJX to deliver EdjPod, powered by Sesame. EdjPod is a fully-integrated multi-node server platform for micro data centers and points of presence based on OpenCompute standards.

ITRenew CEO Aidin Aghamiri, says “Sesame brings the leading technology of hyperscale cloud – low power, automation, scalability – to a broad set of markets and modern global use cases, including edge computing. As the leading provider of circular data center solutions, ITRenew recognized that the missing link in catalyzing the growth of open hardware beyond the hyperscale, is product innovation that enables supply, quality, and supportability for unique customers and globally distributed deployments. EdjX is pioneering modern edge infrastructure at scale – software and hardware – with blockchain and Sesame.”

Together, ITRenew and EDJX bring circular economy practices to the edge. Sesame is a first of its kind, recertified, warrantied, high-performance open compute and storage product line that maximize lifetime value and sustainability of IT hardware. EdjPod, Powered by Sesame, is fully self-contained and includes 4 compute nodes along with wireless and network equipment. EdjPods are available in both indoor and outdoor configurations suitable for a wide variety of commercial and industrial settings.

The companies expect to ship up to 10,000 EdjPods in 2019 through 2021 based on current and future designs.

EDXJ Announces Collaboration with Advisian Digital

Advisian Digital, a division of WorleyParsons, announced a joint effort with EDJX to explore solutions to meet the needs of a growing Industrial IoT market in the Energy and Resources industry sector. “Like many other industries, the Energy and Resources market is undergoing a major transformation fueled by the demand for instant data analysis and workflow automation at the edge,” said Bradley Andrews, President of Advisian Digital. “We believe EDJX could accelerate the pace of development and release of groundbreaking solutions that solve real world challenges.”

The EDJX joint effort expands upon the companies partnership, which also includes Requis.com, a multi-vertical industrial asset supply chain online platform.

Chainyard and EDJX Partner to Develop Distributed Serverless Applications

Chainyard, a pioneer in the blockchain software industry, announced a partnership with EDJX to co-develop commercial software projects. According to Isaac Kunkel, Chainyard SVP Consulting Services, “EDJX expands the horizon of blockchain because it gives developers a much wider scope to build distributed software applications.” “A global decentralized network of compute capable of executing smart contracts, combined with the ability to leverage the scale and simplicity of Serverless frameworks, is a game changer for Enterprise customers.”

Chainyard will unveil a suite of development and support services for enterprise customers to take full advantage of the EDJX platform later this year.

Pricing & Availability

EDJX Edge Computing Platform

The EDJX platform is available for early-access to a limited number of developers and prospective customers. There are no fees for using the platform or edge computing capacity during the early-access. Access to the platform will be granted incrementally as the EDJX network comes online. Interested developers and prospective customers should register for early-access at the EDJX web site at https://edjx.io

Learn More About EDJX

To learn more about EDJX, visit our website at https://edjx.io.

EDJX is a distributed edge computing platform and decentralized peer to peer marketplace created to meet the exponential demand growth for data processing that will serve trillions of mobile, IoT, Web 3.0, and personal devices at the edge. EDJX is leading the revolution for real-world edge computing applications including industrial IoT, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and robotics. Lead by cloud industry veterans John Cowan, Delano Seymour and James Thomason, EDJX is a privately held company with operations in Raleigh, NC, and San Francisco, CA.
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