SMB / Enterprise

Tired of wrapping and managing new virtual machines?

You are here because you might be thinking about building a new application. Perhaps it’s an IoT project requiring low latency. Maybe it’s just a basic software project, but you are tired of wrapping and managing new virtual machines. Or maybe you are beginning to think it’s time to graduate from building software on that old server in the closet. In any case, you have come to the right place.  

EDJX is a breakthrough software development platform that future-proofs your next software or IoT project. When you develop your application on our platform, our platform automatically runs on the closest compute node. What does this mean? Speed and flexibility. You can make your application even faster by installing one of our EdjBlocks in your warehouse, on your roof, on a pole outside, or you may simply benefit as we add EdjBlocks to our various citywide initiatives.  

Because of our unique platform, SMBs and Enterprises that build on EDJX will have the most modern, fast, resilient, future-proof, and “edge-ready” software on the planet. If you need less latency, install an edge block, and your application will run faster. Best of all, we are a multi-tenant. EdjBlocks can run many applications at once. Gone are the days of virtual machines for each application, Kubernetes, and headaches. Welcome to the new world of EDJX!

To get started, simply subscribe now and start using our platform to build your next application here .

We also have reputable system integrators that can build your next application for you on the EDJX platform.  

Please contact us to find out who we work with.