The Sasquatch Story


Enter the EDJX Sasquatch. It is a fearless creature-cryptid, half human, half beast, a metaphor for vision and infinite possibility, an omniscient guide for developers. Does it exist? Of course it does!  It lives deep in the woods, at the far edge of the forest. It sees ahead of us and sets the way.

As it was explained, the original founders were in a war room talking about what EDJX would one day do, and our fearless UX designer was quietly drawing in a corner, capturing the conversation.  At the end of the vigorous dialog, and after a lot of back and forth, he turned around his drawing, and it was the picture of a snarling sasquatch. The team fell silent as they pondered whether this image encapsulated the vision of EDJX.  

“YES!” everyone screamed, and the rest was history .