Serverless Edge Computing
Write and run serverless apps on our global network of thousands of edge locations. Never manage infrastructure again.
Serverless functions at the Near-Edge
Bring your app closer to devices and end-users than ever before.
Accelerate App Performance
Increase responsiveness, reduce page load times, accelerate downloads, and improve streaming content.
Modify User Experiences
Control content delivery based on requests and personalize user experiences according to location or context.
Offload Data Processing
Eliminate bottlenecks and reduce costs by processing events and data streams in near real-time at low latency.
Quickly and Easily Build Edge Apps
Now you can build powerful edge and IoT apps using ordinary JavaScript delivered closer to devices and users than ever before. Built using the Chrome V8 JavaScript Engine, our serverless platform also supports WebAssembly bringing support for C, C++, Go, Rust, and Python and others.
Instant Global Edge Functions
Users are routed to the closest edge nodes where your functions are executed securely at low-latency.
Instant Global Deployment
Serverless functions and data propagate instantaneously through our entire global peer-to-peer network of edge computing nodes.
Secure Execution
Our execution engine validates the integrity of your functions and data before execution in isolated, hardware-secured enclaves.
Fastest Response
Serverless functions compile to native machine code for blazing fast performance and are always ready. No more cold start times or noisy neighbors.
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