Serverless Computing – Build smarter, faster apps, websites, APIs, and backends with EdjFunctions.

Serverless Edge  

Easily build blazing fast edge apps that deploy and scale instantly. EdjFunctions use WebAssembly (WASM) to build serverless functions which can be created using the C++ or Rust language.  

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Learn about EDJX and Security 

       Customize Experiences 
Personalize content and web interfaces on a per-request basis to create more engaging and effective user experiences.

Secure Execution 
Rest easy knowing your code is unmodified. EDJX serverless runtime validates code on each invocation.

High Performance 
Functions load and execute with ultra-low cold start latency.

Build Faster Apps

Create more vibrant, responsive apps by running server-side code closer to users and connected things.

Offload Processing
Capture and process big data and high-frequency data close to the source, eliminating latency and bandwidth bottlenecks.

Instant Deployment
Your code propagates immediately across the entire EDJX global peer-to-peer network of edge computing nodes.