Content Delivery Network – Accelerate your website, downloads, and apps using our global edge platform.

Request Routing

EDJX lets you configure custom rewrite and redirect rules for URLs, giving you better control over content while reducing origin round-trips.

       Geo Routing 
EDJX’s patent-pending georouting technology accurately directs users to the closest available edge node.

Customize Experiences 
Personalize content and web interfaces on a per-request basis to create more engaging and effective user experiences.

Edge Caching
EDJX’s edge mesh network nodes maintain persistent connections among themselves and your origin servers, reducing time to first byte for uncachable content.

Edge Proxying

Create more vibrant, responsive apps by running server-side code closer to users and connected things.

Edge SSL
EDJX makes it easy to run global SSL encryption without overwhelming the CPUs of origin servers.

Instant Deployment
Your code propagates immediately across the entire EDJX global peer-to-peer network of edge computing nodes.