EDJX Honored In The 2021 CRN Internet Of Things (IoT) 50!
EDJX is honored to be recognized as an IoT innovator in the 10 Coolest IoT Software category as part of CRN 2021 Internet of Things (IoT) 50!

EDJX has been recognized as a leading IoT innovator in the 10 Coolest IoT Software category as part of CRN 2021 Internet of Things (IoT) 50!

This annual list highlights the leading IT vendors that are changing the game through cutting-edge IoT offerings that redefine what’s possible. These organizations have demonstrated their IT expertise by utilizing IoT to improve business operations and increase productivity, innovation and growth.

The recognition can be found here: EDJX Selected as a CRN 2021 Top 10 Coolest IoT Software Company

As more and more devices become connected to each other and the internet, IoT solutions have become key for many businesses because of the vast trove of mission-critical data they uncover. Technology from the IoT 50 companies is serving as building blocks for the high-growth edge computing market as the IT channel builds solutions that process and share data as close to the source as possible.

The annual IoT 50 list is chosen by a panel of select CRN editors, with insight from industry-leading solution providers, on the quality of the vendors’ technology portfolios, their IT channel influence, and their effectiveness to invoke transformation and advancement in the industry through innovation. The 2021 IoT 50 list recognizes the most distinguished IT vendors for their groundbreaking IoT offerings in hardware, software, connectivity, industrial and security.

In the past year, EDJX raised more than $10M, and launched  EdjBlock™, a pre-integrated edge computing infrastructure that enables rapid deployment and monetization of distributed CDN and edge computing services. EDJX also launched EdjNet™, the EDJX Edge Delivery Platform – peer-to-peer (P2P) technology that enables the delivery of edge computing services closer to users and connected things.

CRN noted EDJX in  The 10 Coolest IoT Startups Of 2020. Rich Miller covered EDJX in  Data Center Frontier with the story  EDJX Edge Network Integrates Sustainability, Software-Defined PowerStacey on IoT noted EDJX’s efficient model of a peer-to-peer distributed network of machines in  Everything’s distributed: How EDJX is rethinking computing.

And EDJX recently  announced the groundbreaking Public Infrastructure Network Node (PINN) build out in partnership with Austin, Texas based  Autonomy Institute. PINN is a breakthrough in digital infrastructure, solving the current challenge of delivering low-latency computing and sensors at the edge. PINN is the first unified open standard to incorporate 5G wireless, Edge Computing, Radar, Lidar, Enhanced GPS, and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) as a single unified system. PINNs are designed to rapidly deliver a multitude of advanced edge sensors and computing capabilities urgently needed to support autonomy and IoT. Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV), in particular, and many other smart cities applications require sub-ten milliseconds latencies and high bandwidths to operate safely. PINNs will be one thousand feet away from each other on a sidewalk no different than a light post and, with their location, bring urgently needed compute power to the edge.

As  VentureBeat reporter Fahmida Y Rahid notes in  Combining edge computing and IoT to unlock autonomous and intelligent applications, “Next-generation applications and services require a new computing infrastructure that delivers low latency networks and high-performance computing at the extreme edge of the network.”

“EDJX is thrilled to be named in  CRN‘s Top IoT 50 list within the 2021 10 Coolest IoT Software category. The timing aligns perfectly with EDJX’s recent announcement of Public Infrastructure Network Node (PINN) initiative in partnership with Autonomy Institute and Chairman Jeffrey DeCoux. PINNs will transform the future of smart cities, autonomy, and IoT,” said John Cowan, EDJX CEO and co-founder. “PINN is seen as the critical element required to advance intelligent and autonomous solutions for city resilience. PINNs are designed to deliver a multitude of advanced edge sensors and computing capabilities to empower cities into the future.”

Next-generation applications and services require a new computing infrastructure that delivers low-latency networks and high-performance computing at the extreme edge of the network. Without the ability to deliver low latency, multi-tenant high performance computing and sensor arrays, the nation will lack the critical infrastructure upon which any future economy can be built. PINN is supported by major technology innovators, including HPE, Cisco, Nvidia, and several others, contributing their technology and expertise to operationalize PINNs.

Deployment of the PINNs will be as critical to cities as roads, power, telecommunications, and water infrastructure. PINN clusters will be deployed within cities, on highways, across military installations, and in rural communities to accelerate the nation’s digital infrastructure buildout.

The first PINNS are scheduled to come online in the second quarter of 2021, at Texas Military Department in Austin, and the goal is to have tens of thousands of PINNs deployed by mid-2022. Eventually, the PINN program will expand from Austin to other major cities in the United States and around the world.

Into 2021 and beyond, EDJX will also continue with global rapid expansion of edge PoPs, soon to be 1000s of locations. For the first time in the history of the Internet, software is moving from the abstract world of spreadsheets and email to the real world, where software will make critical decisions and operate machines. It is at this inflection point that EDJX sees the need for fundamental change to the overall architecture of the internet. The edge is foundational to this change.

Call to Action

US city planning departments, IoT developers, and other interested technology providers should apply to the limited PINN Beta program. Selected applicants are granted early access to PINN hardware, sensors, edge computing, and EDJX platform software to develop and test their solutions end-to-end.

EDJX To Present Breakthrough IoT And Edge Computing Partnership Use Cases At IoT Evolution Expo
EDJX and Autonomy Institute will be joined by Edgevana to discuss how edge computing is empowering IoT, Autonomous Solutions, the Future of Digital Infrastructure, Smart Cities and Connected Things