Application Developers


The EDJX Sasquatch is calling all developers to #smashyourservers! EDJX is the easy button to develop your next future-proof application on edge.

We are the definitive solution if you are starting a new IoT project but are concerned about cloud latency. If you are building an application that is not latency dependent, not a problem, we are priced very competitively with other serverless platforms. Building an application for a drone that needs to access servers along the flight path? You have come to the right place. If you can dream it, you can build it on EDJX.

When you develop your application on the EDJX Platform, it will run on a worldwide network of servers in traditional data centers. However, if you need even lower latency, you can easily install one of our EdjBlocks where you need it, and automatically, your application will run there. This is not possible with a virtual machine! EDJX moves you on from the days of complex database stacks, database, and hardware engineers. You, as the developer, can focus on building great software. Even more, we can host your data sensor and IoT endpoints for you for a low monthly fee, which allows you to hyperscale your IoT applications. You can discover more about EDJX’s sensor hosting here .

Perhaps the best feature of our platform is that we make our compute, storage, memory, and other features available to you at data center-hosted prices. This means you will not pay more for EDJX, despite it being a more resilient and flexible platform than any other serverless platforms. This makes it an easy decision for your finance team.

Seasoned developers built EDJX from scratch to meet the coming challenges of deploying applications at the edge. We did not grow up with a data center mindset – we re-imagined a world with a trillion devices at the edge where data centers and fiber networks could not keep up. We developed the first peer-to-peer edge computing platform on the market. It was challenging and frustrating at times, but we nailed it. And now you, as the developer, can reap the benefit.

Benefits include:

  • Easily code applications in days not months in C++ or Rust; more languages coming soon

  • The EDJX Platform includes Compute, Storage, KV Storage, DNS, Domain Hosting, and CDN features for serving content at competitive prices to big tech data center players

  • Peer-to-Peer edge mesh network

  • High Uptime because nodes can go offline and your software still works

  • Highly secure platform – your runtime is destroyed after each use

  • The EDJX Platform supports direct sensor hosting on each EdjBlock node

  • API to support connectivity to the cloud or to sensors and data

Start using our Platform to build your next application here .  Download our developer brochure .