What Is EDJX

We’re deploying thousands of microservers to bring serverless functions and content closer to IoT and mobile devices.


Register for Early Access

Be one of the first to deploy blazing fast serverless functions to thousands of microservers at the edge. Your usage is completely free during the limited early access program.

EDJX is a Computing Platform
for Planet Scale Applications

The future of cloud computing is decentralized and distributed. Our unique serverless edge computing platform secured by blockchain will help you write, deploy and manage those applications faster and easier than ever before.

Build and Ship Near-Edge Applications
with the Power of Serverless

We make it easier than ever to write and deploy edge applications using Javascript and other popular languages. Our lighting fast execution engine loads your function in less than 1ms to serve nearby IoT and mobile devices. You pay only for execution time and outbound network traffic.

Built on the Circular Economy

We re-engineer lightly used hardware from hyperscalers into new microservers called EdjPods for edge computing. Then, we deploy them to thousands of industrial, metropolitan, and residential locations.

Serverless at the Edge

EdjPod microservers automatically form a global P2P network to serve edge functions and content to mobile users and IoT devices. Our patent-pending technology transparently redirects requests the closest EdjPod where serverless functions are executed in a secure isolated environment.