James Thomason


A Silicon Valley founder, James’ career spans over 20 years of innovation and $1.1B in successful acquisitions and IPOs.

Driven by a passion for user experience and building software that customers rave about, his technology expertise runs the gamut from software engineering to machine learning, NLP, automation, and web-scale cloud and web infrastructures.

James’ track record includes a number of notable venture-backed startup companies, including Exodus Communications, Digital Island, Netli, NetVMG, Netscaler, 3Leaf Systems, Ning, Virtiv, Gale Technologies, and HyperGrid.

One of the three founders of EDJX, he has led 2 startups in the last 5 years to successful acquisitions totaling $100M.

The most recent, Semantiq Technologies, is a revolutionary new AI-based people analytics platform that reveals hidden insights from digital conversations. Previously, James led Rave Media, a data-driven agency that helps brands grow through data science, digital marketing, and technology.

Earlier in his career, James was executive director and CTO for Dell Cloud Marketplace, an online platform that makes it easy for businesses to compare, consume, and control cloud services. At Dell, James was awarded as a top patentor and distinguished engineer for his innovations and service on the Dell patent committee, and as a senior advisor to Dell Ventures.

He has written for Forbes, Network World, and Information Week, and has appeared in dozens of publications as a thought leader. James is a member of the Forbes Technology Council.

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